Thursday, 13 November 2014

Reports and Intelligence: Detailed market analysis of the ammonium thiosulfate industry

Ammonium thiosulfate is a white crystalline solid prepared after heating ammonium sulfite and adding excess sulfur is to it. It is an inorganic compound and has ammonia odor, which makes it soluble with water and acetone. Ammonium thiosulfate is insoluble with diethyl ether and ethanol.

The major application of ammonium thiosulfate includes its use in photography, chemical analysis, as herbicide in the lawns and also as a fertilizer. Some research studies have also stated that ammonium thiosulfate can be used as an additive to coal waste mixtures in order to reduce the development of harmful industrial by products such as furan and dioxins.

Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled “2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Ammonium Thiosulfate Industry.” The report is designed with an aim to provide the market investors with deep knowledge of the global ammonium thiosulfate industry along with the latest market trends and factors influencing the growth of the market.

Report provides in-depth analysis of the ammonium thiosulfate industry, which includes definition, application, product specification, classification and research & development activities in the field of ammonium thiosulfate.

The report would help the business to understand the future business strategies adopted by the global players to excel in the market. It would help the small & medium scale business to design their strategic and profitable business strategies across various geographies all across the globe.
The report also consist of SWOT analysis and investment feasibility analysis during the forecast period helping the market investors to facilitate their decision making process and make profitable investments. It is also a useful source of information for the businesses to get a better understanding of the competitive structure of the global and china ammonium thiosulfate market.

Table of Content
Chapter One Ammonium Thiosulfate Industry Overview   
Chapter Two Ammonium Thiosulfate International and China Market Analysis
Chapter Three Ammonium Thiosulfate Development Environmental Analysis
Chapter Four Ammonium Thiosulfate Development Policy and Plan
Chapter Five Ammonium Thiosulfate Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure
Chapter Six 2009-2014 Ammonium Thiosulfate Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast
Chapter Seven Ammonium thiosulfate Key Manufacturers Analysis 
Chapter Eight Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis

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